Our Vision.

Daly Harvest was created during a discussion on food sustainability in northern climates. The discussion led to the idea of a more local, sustainable food paradigm in which to live by in the rugged north.

Working with Greenhouse Technologies, Permaculture Design principles, and Natural Building skills, Daly Harvest seeks to embody a new heart-felt model of food production, whilst creating healthy living spaces in which to 'be'. Whether you are looking for a place to grow your food, a place in which to meditate, or simply a place to sit and relax during the colder months, Daly Harvest's Geodesic Domes are appealing to all.

Grow Free with us. Be nourished every season of the year.

What We Do.

Daly Harvest designs, builds, and installs custom-made Geodesic Dome Greenhouses which (can) utilize many redundant thermal mass principals (heat storage) to create year-round (or mostly year-round depending on location) growing climates. This technology has been proven for decades now, but Daly Harvest is stretching the limits adding it's own ideas to create a thriving climate (yes! even in Canada's winter). We utilize:

  • Passive and Active solar systems

  • Aquaculture - Fish production and ecosystem renewal through waste cycling

  • Latest grade Poly-Carbonates (durability, light transfusion and efficiency)

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About Us:

Daly Harvest's mission is to create small eco-systems which can demonstrate a paradigm shift in how food can be grown in colder climates.

Supported by SAIT's

Applied Research Team and the U of C Schulich School of Engineering


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